Skater Girls!

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WOW! Skater girls! Who would have known girls liked to skateboard? Already, so many young girls are skateboarding, some doing even better than the boys! Why can’t there be more?

As of right now, there are so many companies finding pride in these young girls. In an article published by Dick’s Sporting Goods, “If I could capture what it means to be innocent and brave - then I could encourage young women to hold onto that.” This can show other girls that there is no need to be afraid because anything worth doing should be cherished.

The amount of confidence young girls must have to be able to skateboard is enormous. With enough practice and time, young girls have the potential to become professional skateboarders. In an article published on, the author writes about the time that, “... an 8-year old skateboarder became the youngest girl to compete against adults at Vans’ pro-competition.” This strength and bravery is just one example of girls in the skateboarding industry who have proven their worth.

Belen Gonzalez, a freshman at Aurora Central High School stated, “I was in fourth grade when I started getting interested in skateboarding. It was an amazing experience.” She wants to remind other girls that it's important to not be afraid and to be happy doing what you love. Leslie Hernandez said, “It’s great that girls are skateboarding because it proves that they're able to try out new things.”

Therefore, it is very important that young girls feel motivated to do something they love and know that they don’t have to “act like a girl” all the time. History has shown that females have been far more oppressed than males, and they would be judged upon if they didn't act proper. Now that we have more freedom in the actions we take, I believe that there should be even more girls getting involved in wild activities like skateboarding.