Sexism in Sports

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For a very long period of time, women have always had a inequality compared to men in many situations. The problem has also begun to appear more often in sports and the topic of the debate is whether or not we should have female teams and if women should get paid less for winning a game in the same sport as a males do.  

There is a gender wage gap in various sports and important events, like the Olympics for example. In the World Economic Forum, it says that the highest paid athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo, who makes around $88 million compared to the highest female football player, Alex Morgan, who only makes around $2.8 million. In tennis, Roger Federer won $731,000 compared to Serena Williams who made $495,000 after both winning the Singles Title.

Females and males have always had a wage gap and in sports it's the same. Many women representatives in sports get paid less compared to the male representatives. According to, out of the top 50 world's highest paid athletes, there is only one female who made the list - Serena Williams. Going to the top 100, there is no other female added to the list.  

The wage gap is clear to see; although there are many successful women in various different sports, they don't get paid as much as males do. Sexism is sports is most plain to see through the wage gap that many female athletes must endure.