Valentines Day Fashion!

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The day of love! The day you could stuff yourselfs with chocolates! Or the day that you spend your time alone, watching sad movies, and whining about not having love in your life! On the other side, you could spend the night with your friend or party all night to forget about your problems.

First, a few places to go when searching for that perfect V-Day outfit:

Discounts! The best way to get amazing deals for Valentine’s day is online. Online offers you great deals to getting hot styles with low prices.

2.Bath and Body Works! Smelling and feeling great on Valentine’s Day is an essential part of fashion; as much as we look with our eyes, we smell with our noses too!

3. Magazines! When in need, (much like shopping online), looking at magazines is a great way to find more options. Try picking one up at your local mall or store.

4. The Mall! The mall is always full of great shops and stores to hit up when looking for an outfit. Try Claire’s, Rue21, Charlotte Ruse, and other various shops for great clothing and possible deals.

Now for some tips on two different types of Valentine’s Day looks:

Going for the “heartbreaker” look? Adding devilish accessories would show your bad side. Try adding a leather jacket with roses on it! Black boots or even heels can help with this look, and studs or spikes on any piece of your outfit will be sure to pierce their hearts. Not only will you capture the unconventional feel of Valentine’s day, but you’ll look badass while you do it.

If you want to look more traditional, you’ll need lots of red, white, and pink. Try a dress or a floral skirt. Jewelry is a must, be it silver or gold rings, bracelets, or earrings. A nice updo could go over well, or sweet loose curls. Flats are always a good idea - but if you’re daring enough, try a tall pair of red heels. This look will be sure to capture their hearts.

Now, when it comes to Valentine’s Fashion, (and clothing in general), one might find that it’s hard to celebrate when your physical appearance is on your mind. But here’s the thing:

Weight doesn't matter! I would say it’s another part to love about yourself. When deciding on what to wear, the key would be to wear an outfit that complements your body form. Love your curves; wear dresses or skirts that hug your body, instead of hide it. Don’t be afraid to wear shorts, even! Be daring in your outfit choices, and don’t let your physical appearance determine how confident you feel in your own body.

When there is no hope on what to wear for V-Day, remember: visit stores, get creative, and be confident!