V-Day Dedications!

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To: Creek
From: Creek
You’re pretty nifty OHMYGOD this is really cheesy but I’m glad I met you and wow it’s amazing 🙂 I love ya <333 Merry Valentine .... Hope this wasn’t too cringey

To: Anonymous
From: Anonymous
Boi I like you. Notice me senpai XD 

To: Lorena Munoz
From: One of your friends
I just want to say I like you a lot. I’m sorry stuff got in between us, and I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings when you are around me. I hope you find that special someone…

To: Jessica
From: Fernando Antuna
You are so beautiful. Every time I see you. I see a glowing star. You brighten up my day more than the sun.

To: Quinsker Frimpong
From: Secret Admirer

Damn shawty, I think you’re hella cute. Hit me up.  

To: Dulce Gonzalez- B. From: Secret Admirer Don’t forget you’re worth more than you think! Love you   To: Hugo Lara From Secret Admirer Thanks for the great time last week! I can’t wait to see you again...   To: Victor Gomez
From: Juan Jimenez
I love you mucho y te mando un beso  

To: Juan Carlos Garcia
From: Anonymous
You are worthless and I like you, but I don’t watch your back, I love you.  

From: Ana
You suck. Just kidding, I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.  

To: Adriana Garcia

From: Kenneth Huynh
Hey! I love you a lot  <3 Throughout all the time we have been together, you’ve made my heart pound more than ever. Now that you’re mine, I hope it stays like that till the rest of time.  

To: Kevin Tinoco
From: Anonymous
You’re the love of my life.  

To:Kenneth Huynh
From:Adriana Garcia
I just want to take the time to appreciate how great you are. Thank you for putting up with me. You are the sweetest guy I know. I love you.