Top 14 V-Day Gifts

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It’s that time of the year and all of the cute couples are going to give each other the classic boring old gifts for Valentines. We don’t need to see a million of huge teddy bears!! Well I am here to give you the top 14 gifts for you valentine. The gifts are not in order.  

No oversize Teddy Bear….Get them a humongous body pillow Yes you will see about 10 giant Teddy Bears during valentines so why not give them a body pillow? These will be with you special someone forever and it will be useful!! You can find body pillows either in Target or Walmart for a good, reasonable price. The giant teddy bear will be stored in the closet or will sadly stay in the corner of the room so give them something that will be useful to them.  

Chocolate..Chocolate..and more chocolate You can never go wrong with chocolate. This is also the go-to gift for you special someone. If you forgot to get something, buying chocolate is an easy way to get them something quick. Many stores will provide chocolate like Walgreens, Walmart, King Soopers, and Target. They will also have them be valentine themed and it will make your special someone happy because chocolate makes everyone happy.  

A letter from you A letter from yourself truly is one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give. Instead of buying something from the store, you can give them something from yourself and just tell them how much you appreciate them. Obviously, this isn’t something you can get in the store. It might be small and low cost but it is a meaningful gift that your special someone will cherish.  

Matching stuff (not matching sweaters) What is more cute than getting matching things? No, not matching sweaters. There isn’t anything more embarrassing than getting matching, ugly, sweaters will your person. Instead, you can both go shopping and get matching necklaces, phone cases, etc. Something subtle that you will both enjoy.  

Photo album A photo album of you guys throughout the year(s). It will be really meaningful to them and you both can look back at the times you spent together.  

Their fav musician’s merch Merch, merch and merch.. Their favorite merchandise from their favorite musicians because they will get really excited.  

If you have that kind of money, buy them some concert tickets If you have been making bread lately, in my opinion taking them to a concert is a perfect valentine present/date.  

Take them out to eat. Everybody loves food. Now if you aren’t making that good bread, a place to go with your special someone is just somewhere to eat because EVERYONE LOVES FOOD. Case closed. Go shopping together  

Girl and boy. Boy and boy. Girl and girl. We all love shopping even if it’s for the dumbest things ever. The time you spend with them will be precious and you will both have a great time. The mall will be a perfect place to spend time together and shop.  

A portable charger It’s 2017 and having a portable charger is something very useful and important in their life. They will forever be thankful for this USEFUL gift. You can buy these at most stores now but lots of the pretty ones are sold at Target or on Amazon.  

Jewelry Jewelry is pretty and it might be expensive but it is something to really be thankful for. They will also wear it all day and it will be like a piece of you with them at all time.  

A big soft blanket These blankets are made from angels. These angels deliver them to Target. Target has some of the best soft blankets to ever exist and this is a perfect gift because no one will deny a big soft blanket….unless you’re satan.  

Make something!! If you want to get crafty, making something is a cute little way to give them a gift. It will be meaningful because you made it.  

If you are clueless about what to make, pinnit and reddit might have Candles….candles is the good way to goCandles are trending and they are very peaceful in relaxing someone. Target and Walmart and Bath & Body Works will sell really good candles. Especially Bath & Body Works will give you the best kind of candles for you special someone.