Best and Worst V-Day Experiences

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Ah Valentine’s Day, the date, the flowers, the love - everything about this day is perfect...or is it? Join us as we discover two of the best and worst valentine’s day experiences our fellow trojans have had.  

Best #1: “So I was sitting at my house watching tv or whatever, and I got a text from this one guy who I had a crush on. It was weird cause like we talk but not a lot. He was just asking me what was up and how my Valentine’s day was, and then he asked me if I was at home and I said yeah. And then like ten minutes later he said he was at his girlfriend’s house. I was like damn, cause I didn’t know he had one so I didn’t really reply. But then my mom said someone was here for me so I went to the door and it was him with like flowers and a big ass teddy bear! I was so happy, it was crazy. He asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I said yes. It was crazy.”  

Worst #1: “Mm, I was planning something big with my boyfriend of like two years and he cheated on me with my best friend. And I found this out on Valentine’s Day. So.”