Makeup: Not Just For Women

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On October 2016 the biggest breakthrough for Covergirl happened; they announced that their new representative for their new product So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara was going to be a male. The first ever male representative for Covergirl is a 17-year-old teenager named James Charles. He has shared his passion for makeup throughout social media like YouTube and Instagram.  

His instagram is just one year old and gained so much admiration in the short amount of time. His famous picture that he's known for on Instagram is his retake senior photo that got viral over night and caught the eye of Covergirl. During an interview with the New York Times he said that he was a hairstylist at first but one day he was doing his best friends hair for a military ball and that she was one hour late for her makeup appointment so she asked him to do her makeup. It was going to be Charles’ first time trying makeup and the only experience he had was the tutorials he's watch. In the end, his friend ended up looking amazing and that was the start of his passion for makeup.  

In The Ellen Show, Charles had a interview, he said that he came out gay when he was 12 but that he was not transgender - just that he really likes makeup. When they started talking about the commercial, he said,  “They told me I was going to be part of the So Lashy campaign which was perfect because it's a campaign that inspires and pushes diversity through Covergirl and saying anybody can wear mascara. So it was literally perfect for me, obviously, since I'm a guy in makeup.” Charles wants to help break the boundaries that say males can't wear makeup, just like many other famous celebrities have tried to do.  

Maybelline has also announced it’s first male model Manny Gutierrez who is known for his Youtube makeup tutorials and his Instagram. Like Covergirl, this will be Maybelline’s first ever male representative.     Maybelline’s support for males in the makeup industry began when they tweeted a picture of Manny Gutierrez and James Charles next to him with the caption “Making the world a more accepting place one lash at a time.” Manny Gutierrez was really thrilled to be given a chance to join Maybelline, and he wrote on his Instagram, “2017, you are off to an AMAZING START OMG!”    

The makeup industry is opening up for males so they can share their passion for makeup just as much female ambassadors. These two males ambassadors are encouraging other males and other companies to be able to express their passion for makeup regardless of what gender stereotypes think and to not be ashamed.