Netflix Original: 13TH – Review

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“The United States is home to 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners. Think about that.” - President Barack Obama

On October 7th, 2016, Director  Ava DuVernay released an outstanding documentary called 13th. What this documentary is about is the criminalization against people of color and they how messed up the prison system is.  

In America, slavery was finally abolished. Freedmen will now see the light of hope now being a free man. But the government had a sly idea to remake slavery in a way that the world saw “acceptable”. They re-did slavery. The free people of color were still being oppressed and were violated of their human rights. Up to this day they are still being oppressed. Now the non-stopping movement #BLACKLIVESMATTER has taken flight and has brought so much awareness to people of color being oppressed by the white majority people.  

When watching the movie, you didn’t have to be a certain race to understand the struggles going towards people of color and especially what they have to go through here in America. This movie gave a good explanation of the prison systems and where it was born and how it happened.  

This documentary has taken a very controversial topic to talk about around America. My perspective I have seen many support towards this outstanding documentary. The movie has changed lots of minds and has helped and supported the struggle people of color have to go through.    

It also showed the effective yet negative prison system running here in America and the government, our government is behind all of this.  

This documentary really showed a different side of the government that not everyone sees. It is an eye-opening documentary and whoever you are, this movie will change your perspective on America.  

Since this is a review I will put my own thoughts I had on the documentary. As you can see, I really enjoyed this movie and I am very glad that Ava DuVernay made this masterpiece to show to the world. Coming from a social justice advocate, this was a great movie to express what other activists are fighting for. I can emotionally relate to this documentary knowing people who’ve been put into prison without any justice being served. America has the really high prison population which I bet half of the people wasting their life in there has been put there without their rights being acknowledged.  

The 13th documentary has been a very controversial movie but overall it has changed many views on America and has brought awareness to a very big problem happening in America right now.