Netflix Original: 13TH – Review

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“The United States is home to 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners. Think about that.” - President Barack Obama On October 7th, 2016, Director  Ava DuVernay released an outstanding documentary called 13th. What this documentary … Read More

Fall Festival

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The friday before Halloween, Aurora Central High School hosted a fall festival for the community. Kids of all ages came in their amazing costumes and had a great time. The commons filled with joy and laughter. Upon eEntering the festival, … Read More

Star Wars Exhibit

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The Stars Wars Costume Exhibit takes place in the Denver Art museum. This exhibit shows the art, costumes, and fashion of what took in the Star Wars film and how it all was put into action. This pleased the many … Read More

Winter Fashion

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Girls fashion~   Makeup Bright warm colors eyeshadow Light blue Sliver glitters White Nude Brown Pink Eyeliner Winged Waterline Small arch False eyelashes Ulta lush lashes Vegas Nay lashes Velour slick lashes Lipstick colors Nude Red Brown Pinky Burgundy Contour … Read More