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As you may have recently heard, there has been many clowns all around Denver terrorizing people. This clown stuff then started spreading all over the world,(they’ve spotted clowns in Mexico just chilling waiting to scare people at midnight). Many people have been affected by this situation including people here at Central High School. There was also a time when a clown was spotted roaming around our school property. Due to this situation, we took our time to go out and get the opinions of those who may have been affected by this.  

We asked one of our interviewees what she thought about clowns and Diana Moreno admits to being scared of clowns and said, “Oh I hate clowns, they’re so scary and ugly.” Another one of our interviewees was asked how he felt towards the clown incidents that have been happening over the past few weeks and he responded by saying, “I honestly feel like it’s all a dumb joke that needs to stop. Many people have been injured to due these foolish clowns and it just needs to be stopped.”  

We also went in and researched more information about these clown incidents. These clowns first started off by wandering in the woods trying to scare people but that then led them to sending threats through social media saying they were going after certain schools all over the U.S. Law enforcements sent warnings to schools and many of them had to have school closures because they’ve spotted clowns in that area. The “creepy clown” sightings first started off in the Southeast region of the U.S. but then stretched up the the east and west coast and soon in other countries. Many clowns have been arrested but also not many of them could be arrested because they were only wearing the suits, and not doing anything bad. Although at first the clowns were only trying to scare people and get attention, they soon began to start harming people and many of them often tried kidnapping people.  

Lately, no one’s talked about any clowns being spotted so that’s a good thing for us. Overall, these clown incidents did have a huge impact on many people all over the world and it feels good to know that it is all over with and that we are all safe here in Aurora Central. Bye bye clowns!