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The Denver News published an article on April 12, 2017 about Aurora Central High School. The article entitled “Time running out for underperforming Aurora Central High School to turn things around” by Robert Garrison was published due to the increasing pressure against lawmakers, faculty, and students to correct the issues seen at the school. Denver News claims that students are not graduating and that we show a low proficiency in math and reading. Through this, the Denver News seemed to shed a more negative light on Central.  

Due to a vast majority of community members outside of Central putting this school down, even our own students have begun to feel like the school they are attending isn’t good enough.  

In the article, the Denver News included the opinion of a student at Central and they said that they are by themselves in their education journey in high school. The high school senior told 7 News how there is hardly any help within the school, especially when it comes to the counseling department.  

However, Denver news’ neglect in pursuing a majority view on Central’s issues can be seen as biased, and even discredit the article as a whole; only looking to a singular viewpoint of the school is a direct example of how terribly Central has been misrepresented and easily judged upon through lawmakers and the media. Because Denver News only managed to interview a senior who already has a negative bias towards Aurora Central staff, especially the counselors, Denver News has discredited the school. Instead of looking at the negatives in this school, why isn’t Denver News or residents acknowledging the success Aurora Central students have had?  

Aurora Central’s students aren’t the worst in the state and neither is the staff. For example, two students from Central have been accepted to the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine Program. Their Aurora Lights teacher, Amy Campbell, has supported them through their journey and is responsible for past seniors’ acceptance into the programs. This major accomplishment hasn’t even been achieved by anyone else in the state of Colorado, according to the Denver Post.  

The art department has also been very successful. In Festival of the Arts, Aurora Central’s art department received 1st place for having the most 1st place individual winners in the competition.  

The Aurora Central choir has also found much success, the top choir Trojanaires earning a superior rating at CHSAA Music Festival, with their Women’s Ensemble, Centralettes scoring an excellent rating.  

This school is filled with amazing, talented students and it is a shame that they are being brought down because of negativity being brought to light against what is good.  

One might argue that achievements like those listed above are not the only thing to maintain a school; academics are the sole purpose of a school, and Central’s no stranger to academic difficulties.  

Denver News wrote how less than half of Central seniors graduate each year and that we have an uncomfortably high rate of absences.  

Statistics and findings like this have dominated the viewpoint of Central students for some time. However, these are numbers, and numbers only. What many fail to realize are the drastic difficulties and adversity against Aurora Central students and staff.  

Many people don’t understand or even realize that we have the highest refugee population in a school in Colorado. Many of them come with little to no knowledge on the English language, so it is difficult for them to get adjusted. Our school gives them an opportunity to get their education, but the state forces them to take standardized tests when they can’t even read or understand it. Students have been seen sitting through a tests without filling anything out. Unfortunately, instead of a blank test coming up as incomplete, is shows as a 0 for our composite scores. Our test scores are always undermined compared to other schools, but people and news outlets, such as Denver News, continue to see us as test scores - unfair test scores, at that.  

As a journalism class, we are all proud to be students at Aurora Central High School. We feel as though the community, press, and lawmakers outside of this school would rather look at numbers and bring us down rather work from the inside and help us up. Our journalism class will attempt to succeed in giving Aurora Central a good name, because it is a great, diverse school with students who have big dreams and the potential to achieve them. This journalism class knows the inside of this school. We know what the staff and students are truly like, and we live the struggles they face day to day.  

The innovation plan isn’t going to change the hearts and minds of 2,300 students in such a short amount of time. Aurora Central is more than test scores and people should acknowledge the achievements our students have made and keep supporting other students to strive for their goals as well. Denver News: We at the Aurora Central High School Journalism staff would like to invite you to fix the errors your team has made when reporting about our school. We feel that you have misrepresented the school, the students, and the staff. We are more than that: we are people. As dedicated members of Aurora Central’s Journalism staff, we hope to receive a response.